Bespoke project planning

  • Accurately determine project delivery date

  • Track progress against budget

  • Identify your critical path activities and prioritise accordingly

  • Model different scenarios in relation to new data and circumstances

Phase I Program summary

Whether your project is at day one, preparing a funding bid, or well established, Leibert Pharma Services will be able to work with you and the rest of your team to establish an accurate timeline for project delivery.

Our experience is in identifying the fine detail and individual steps that are involved in the development process and noting the interactions between formulation, analysis, device development, regulatory and clinical groups - all this leads to an accurate plan that can be used for investor relations, recruitment, and portfolio management.

Leibert Pharma services will also continue to track and revise your project plan throughout the duration of your project - leaving your senior management free to use their expertise to maximum benefit.

At Leibert Pharma Services, we realise that Gantt charts aren't for everyone! So in addition to the traditional MS Project Gantt chart, we aim to provide alternative summary formats that are much more appropriate to presentations and quick reference.

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