Bespoke Resource Forecasting

  • Avoid last minute recruitment

  • Identify upcoming pinch points

  • Reallocate resource based on identified business needs

  • Maximise the impact of your team on your project

Resource graph

Good resource forecasting can avoid project delays associated with having to recruit staff when workload increases. Leibert Pharma Services will work with your managers to identify upcoming pinch points and make sure that you can begin the recruitment process two or three months in advance - preventing costly delays. Likewise, Leibert Pharma Services will also identify periods of low activity and make suggestions for shifts in work packages to ensure that your staff are utilised to the fullest extent.

An example of our standard format for resource forecasting is shown left. The white lines represent a ten percent buffer on the company's available resource; our experience shows that when there is a greater than 10% miss match between available resource and required resource, the project will suffer. In the below example January onwards represents a challenge to the project, we would work with the company to explore cost effective methods to realign available resource with the work required. This could be a matter of shifting a stability program by a few days or altering a manufacturing shift pattern.

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